Achieve optimal light control and privacy with our Silent Gliss collection

At Vorbo Interiors, we proudly present Silent Gliss, the leading global supplier of premium interior window treatments.

Since 1952, Silent Gliss has been dedicated to developing the world's smoothest, quietest systems using state-of-the-art technology.

With a legacy spanning over 60 years, Silent Gliss stands as a pioneer in motorised systems, having been the first to integrate curtains with a motor directly connected to the track.

Silent Gliss represents innovation, sustainability, tailor-made solutions, exceptional design, and first-class quality. Their motorised shading solutions set the industry benchmark for the quietest and smoothest systems, boasting intuitive control options.

Whether seamlessly integrated into a control system, operated through a user-friendly app, switch, or remote control, our solutions cater to a diverse range of requirements with precision and efficiency.

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Our comprehensive range of Silent Gliss products includes:

Curtain Systems: Experience seamless operation and smooth gliding with Silent Gliss curtain tracks. Crafted with precision engineering, these tracks offer flexibility and ease of use, ensuring your curtains hang beautifully every time. Their motorised curtain systems integrate seamlessly with home automation, providing effortless control and enhancing both comfort and energy efficiency.

Poles: Elevate your windows with our selection of metal and wood curtain poles from Silent Gliss. Featuring designs renowned for their durability and style, these poles complement any interior decor, providing the perfect finishing touch to your window treatments.

Blinds: Achieve optimal light control and privacy with Silent Gliss roller blind systems. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, blinds are available in a wide array of fabrics and designs to suit any decor style. Whether you prefer manual or motorised operation, our blinds offer effortless functionality and timeless elegance

Fabrics: Choose from a curated selection of fabrics to complement your Silent Gliss window treatments. From luxurious velvets to bold printed designs, the collection offers something for every taste and preference. We personally curate and invest in our library of soft furnishing and upholstery fabrics, ensuring exceptional quality and variety for our customers.

Smart buildings use technology to work better, make people more comfortable, and stay safe.

Silent Gliss systems fit perfectly into these smart buildings, connecting with the building's control systems to create a complete smart shading experience.

This isn't just about being efficient – it's also about being eco-friendly, safe, and comfortable.

Everything in the building is connected, sharing information to make sure everything runs smoothly and efficiently for everyone who lives or works there, while also looking after the environment

Visit us today to explore our Silent Gliss collection and discover how we can transform your windows into stunning focal points that enhance your interior design.


Thank you Vorbo Interiors for the beautiful handsewn curtains all operating on electric curtain tracks and Siri. We have had lots of compliments from our friends and family who all wonder where the motors are hidden! A great service from beginning to end, professionally fitted and hugely admired.

I work from home and controlling the heat and glare in my home-office was very important for me. I also wanted to keep the view out to my garden whilst I worked. You found a perfect solution for me. I would never have thought it was possible to have all these things in one blind. I am so glad I opted for the motorised version. Thank you for your excellent advice and knowledge, appreciated it.

We came to Vorbo Interiors following a recommendation. Moving into a new home we were unsure what best to do with south-facing windows and bi-fold doors. Your knowledge and advise made it very easy for me. The Shutters and [Silent Gliss] sheer Wave Curtains control the heat perfectly and look fabulous. Thank you

Many thanks for the beautiful [fabric laminated] roller blinds. They go really well with our new kitchen. So pleased we came to your company.

I appreciated your care yesterday, the sail blinds are wonderful. Thank you both, Sheila

We are very pleased with our curtains and cushions. They are beautiful and the room now looks very cosy. We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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